Research on Responsible & Safe AI.
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I research on Responsible & Safe AI. I earned my Ph.D. in 2024 from KAIST EE and was extremely fortunate to have been advised by Prof. Steven Euijong Whang during my PhD journey. I am also a recipient of the Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship. Previously, I worked as a research intern at Google DeepMind & YouTube in 2023 and NVIDIA Research in 2022, working with wonderful mentors. 

In Responsible & Safe AI, I am especially interested in building fair and robust AI frameworks that do not have demographic disparities and generalize well in new data distributions. To this end, I currently focus on 1) lowering the barrier to fair AI development, 2) ensuring fairness amid data distribution shifts, and 3) improving model fairness and robustness in large-scale scenarios (e.g., using large foundation models).

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Responsible & Safe AI

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